July 29, 2017


... oooo it's been a little while since my last post I know.  My alternate Summer work schedule and life changes forced me to put my little blog on the back burner.  My past work week involved back to regular school  pre-planning -  STUDENTS RETURN ON WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 2ND ya'll!

The first 10 days of back to school is sooooo very hectic!  You'd think I'd be use to it by now, but it still makes me a wee bit nervous.

So as you've probably guessed not much new garment sewing going on here at all.  However, I have been doing some existing wardrobe alterations, repairs and in general sprucing up.  I hope to be back to "my slow sewing self" in just a little bit though. But in the meantime these interesting tidbits caught my eye...

Pattern Match Plaids and Stripes LIKE A BOSS!, from The Village Haberdashery 

5 Essential Serger Tips for a Healthy Happy Machine from Grainline Studio

I'm starting to really look forward to Sheryll's monthly sewing tips.  Her tips are always so useful! use.

and lastly, in case you didn't know

July 9, 2017


it's hard to believe that it's been over ten years (February 2007) since I started this blog.  I remember when I first discovered this sewing blog world that inspired me to become a sewing blogger too.  It's been an amazing time for me! I've meet so many people virtually who have contributed to my learning experience, they you have really turned my world completely upside down (in a very good way)!
Who would have ever thought I'd keep it up this long?  It has been so much fun sharing with you,  bringing you "my type of content", reading your comments, and learning from and with you all the way. 
Blogging for me is a pleasure more than it is a chore.  I do plan to keep this up; and do so hope that you will continue to read and comment here. 

Please leave a comment on this post whether or not you've ever commented here before to celebrate this milestone with me!!!

July 7, 2017


I'm so used to videos that Podcasts are a bit hard for me to take. I'm such a visual person; however, I couldn't resist listening in on this Podcast found at Frivolous at Last because it featured Michelle Morris of "That Black Chic".  (I call Michelle "The Whole 64 Color Box" and if you read her blog - you know why.
I found this valuable information on what to look for when choosing a sewing machine by Peggy Sagers called Sewing Machine 101.

How to install an invisible zipper with a regular zipper foot - I've always wonder how to go about doing this.

Who doesn't love an iconic haute couture Chanel Jacket?
P.S.  My new pants are coming along just fine.  I might be able to post them tomorrow...

July 2, 2017


...Houston, we have lift off!  I finally have a descent pants block/sloper!  I had the most wonderful tweedy light weight linen in my stash from last year's Hancock going out of business sale.  I couldn't get around to using it last summer so I decided to use it now for my next pair of pants.  I am happy to report that I had to do VERY LITTLE TWEAKING.
I have no front diagonal wrinkles and the back fits to my liking.  I did have to take up a small wedge at center back to eliminate gapping, and take in the side seam hip curve area which is not out of the norm for me.
These are only minor adjustments that I will work out on my sloper before I make more pants, but it reminds me of a scene from my younger years... 

I can remember my Mother helping me dress when I was just a tween.  She'd say, "it's so hard for you to wear skirts, you have NO HIPS and there is nothing for them to sit up on; and  your butt is so high it makes the skirt hike up in the back".  Can I tell you that this made me feel likes a freak of nature!  I developed a complex about something that I didn't understand, nor could do anything about - until I started studying FIT.  I've learned that my Mother was absolutely correct - "Baby's got BACK - but no HIPS!  BUT, there are adjustments that can be made to compensate for that!
Love, love, love my new labels
I've got a nice fitting pair of linen pants now, but during construction there was one little problem.  Raise your hand if this has ever happened to you
Yes, I serged the back leg of my new pants!  My eyes immediately teared up, but I quickly shook it off, because "THERE'S NO CRYING IN THE SEWING ROOM!"  My friend SheilaCTK sent me a quick answer to the problem "TIM GUNN IT"!  We all know that means "MAKE IT WORK" - and so I did.

I'll close with this cute little sewing cartoon I saw recently that made me laugh...