August 16, 2014


Happy weekend ya'll!  What type of weekends do you like best?  I must admit that most of my weekends are spent lazying around - just one of my guilty pleasures.  Believe me, I have LOTS that I could should be doing, and I promise myself that I'll get at least a few pertinent things done today, BUT I thought; what a wonderful time for our first little blog trip!

First Stop: Dellia's
Have you seen this dress!!!
Shown in true Southern Style.  I oooooooed and ahhhhhh for a while when I first laid eyes on Dellia's dress posted at the end of July.  My first thought, "what a gorgeous party dress".  I could even feel the fabric - in my mind that is - that she named a wild colored paisley shantung.  This dress sent me flying to the pattern cabinet (my norm) to see if McCall's 6955 was already in my stash.  After a mad dash, I wiped the sweat from my brow and exclaimed "good, it's already there".  Mind you, I have no idea when I would get a chance to make it up - BUT A GIRL CAN DREAM, CAN'T SHE!
Party in the back - I'm just saying...  Gorgeous and serious racer cut back - What pretty girl wouldn't want a dress like this?!?!?!   I'd even go as far as inviting myself to someone's wedding, party or some other dressy event just to get a chance to wear a dress this pretty.  One day, one day, I'm telling you - this dress will be mine!  Wanting to know every detail about the dress construction - I asked Dellia what she used for the lining.  Her answer:  Hi Linda, Since the fabric was silk, I decided to go with Habotai silk for the lining.  It's really light and flowy.  This, by the way is not the only pretty thing Dellia has whipped up - for a closer look at her sewing world click here.

Last Stop: Dear Lillie
This porch was located at her old house that I watched as she decorated.  She changed this porch per season, and I thought she created were the prettiest rooms.  She has since moved to a new house and now I'm watching as she renovates and decorates all back over again.  She's also been working on decorating her brother's house.  I'm always amazed with her decorating talent.  She's also an excellent photographer as you can see.  She often includes pictures of her 3 little girls who are beautiful, and I think she named the blog after her eldest.
A picture of her current kitchen that I L-O-V-E  everything about - especially the nautical striped roman shades that I SWEAR I'm going to make just as soon as I can get roundtuit!  This particular kitchen post has a link included for a tutorial that even describes how to paint the fabric for the shades.  Don't know if I'd take it quite that far, but alas - I am a dreamer!

Hope you enjoy our first blog trip and will consider joining me on many more to come...


  1. Thanks for the lovely road trip. That dress is the business. .. it looks awesome on her. The porch is serenading serenity.. Love it.

    1. That dress is beautiful and I could sit on that porch ALL DAY LONG.

  2. Lovely post, Faye. That is one pretty dress and a pretty porch too!

  3. When I saw your horn I was ready to hop in. I am already a fan of Dellia's, and I enjoyed the house tour at Dear Lillie's. A little convicting as I sit here in my disorganized living room....

    1. Glad to have you Angela! Be ready for next time too. I know what you mean about disorganization. I've been "going to" clean my sewing room all day. Still not finished.

  4. Glad you stopped your little car at these two creative bloggers ~ zooming off to check them both out now ... J

    1. Have fun Judith, there is lots of EYE CANDY on both blogs!

  5. Wow pretty dress. Very feminine. I like it. :) Diya, thehobbyharbor

  6. Hey there Diya! I love, love, love the dress too. Guess you can tell, huh?

  7. I love dellia's makes :-). She's always so classy

  8. That is a pretty dress. If I'd seen it before the wedding we went to last weekend, I'd have been tempted to make that instead....great blog choices, Faye!

    1. You'd look great in that dress Marjie!




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