January 16, 2017



January 15, 2017


...it always takes me a while to get started on a "big" project.  I finally got down to work on the Vogue cape I'm making for my Mother.  It's not a hard project at all, just a whole lot of fabric to deal with at one time - 5 1/2 yards.

The fabric had already been prepped so I was able to cut on Friday. Then I thread traced/marked and started construction on Saturday.  I also drafted 4 new pattern pieces (a two piece bias under collar - trimmed 1/4" smaller than the upper collar to facilitate turn of cloth,  a collar stand for interfacing (so the collar would fold over better,  back neck facing and front neck facing). 
Today I finished construction of the outer shell:  pad stitched the two piece under collar, applied the  collar stand interfacing and hemmed.  Sheilaz_CKT saved the day (and my Mother's cape) by advising me to stabilize each of the cape's 6 long seams with 1 1/2" strips of interfacing because the cape had actually started to grow (stretch) in length.  Wonderful advice - thanks a bunch Sheila!
This cape is a whole lot of area to hem.  Thank goodness I have this Pin Skirt Marker tool to assist me.  It really made marking much, much easier and quicker.  Tomorrow I will work on the lining that will be attached to the newly drafted front facing/front neck facing and the back facing, and hopefully make the 3 buttonholes.

Hope everyone had a wonderfully productive sewing weekend!!!

January 12, 2017


...so I actually decided to pull it out of the closet - the Chanellish Jacket that is.  It's 7 years old, and I thought it might be a bit snug - but it wasn't!  It fit just like it did originally.
I only used vertical quilting.  Next time I'll incorporate more quilting by using vertical and horizontal stitching.  It still amazes me that the quilting stitches do not show at all on the public side.
The Inside: 1)Jacket Front  2) Self made bias tape bound sleeve seam  3) Hem Chain  4)Back
Even the kids said that they loved it - or is it that they just love me?(hahaha)  I think I need another one of these in my life!  I'd love to work with a three piece sleeve next time if I could ever get my hands on a pattern like that.
Have you ever thought about making a Chanelish Jacket????

January 11, 2017


...my friend Smoking Needles is currently making what I am sure will be a beautiful Chanelish quilted jacket.  Talking to her tonight brought back memories of the time I made my own Chanelish jacket.  It was back in 2009,  when some how I got up the nerve to join the "Go Chanel or Go Home" jacket challenge.  Plans to make this type of jacket had actually begun a year before when my mother gifted me a beautiful boucle fabric that she said had been in her attic for quite some time.  It was perfect for a quilted jacket - it had pink in the print - PERFECT!  But then I chickened out until the jacket challenge came about one year later.

This jacket created a whole lot of first's for me:
  • first two piece sleeve
  • first time working with boucle fabric
  • first time quilting a lining
  • first time working with trim
  • first time making my own bias tape
It was seven years ago that this project stretched my sewing skills further than I had ever dreamed! 
I still can't believe I matched the stripes so well!
I went back to review the process and found that it took me 22 days to complete.  At which time I was working full time and taking classes at night towards my degree.  Where did all that energy go???

January 9, 2017


...there is nothing like throwing your hat in the ring.  Who knows you just might win!, like I've done twice recently. 

I entered Emerald Sewcial Club's giveaway last month, and received this in the  Happy Mail today.    "Sew Many Dresses Sew Little Time by Tanya Whelan (complete with pattterns), Sew News' Secrets for Success Sewing dvd, and 3 yards of  marvelous silky print that I can't wait to use as a coat lining.  If you haven't visited Emerald's blog yet, please pay her a visit and learn all about her Annual Sewing Retreat that will be held in Texas in March.  Thank you Emerald!

In addition, I also entered Kyle's giveaway at Vacuuming the Lawn and received one of her 2017 Bag calendars as a prize.  Pop on over to visit Kyle - She makes THE most professional bags of all types in addition to wonderfully tailored clothing.  As a matter of fact she's stirring up a lot of  "jean" inspiration that might just coax me into trying a pair myself.

What can I say?, I love winning!  But I realize that I need to spread the sewing love as well.  It's high time for another Faye's Sewing Adventure Giveaways as well.  Be on the lookout for one soon...

January 5, 2017


...don't we all have plans to be more organized in the New Year?  I know that I do!  I have organizational plans for every room in my house starting with my sewing room.  My plans of being more organized extend over to my blog.  A while ago I set a goal to write a minimum of 100 posts a year, and for the past 4 years I've been able to exceed that goal.

My most productive blog posting month of the year has been in November, because I've participated in the 30 day Blog-Like-Crazy Challenge.  My being successful in the challenge depended largely on a blog post editorial calendar that I used.  That calendar helped me plan and organize blog posts for the entire month.   I asked myself, "What could I accomplish (blogging wise) if I used an editorial calendar each month of the year?"

Today I picked up my sugar fix.  I love, love, love Sugar Paper Products.  They have just a tiny bit of bling and are so girly and elegant.  Of course I won't be posting everyday, but I'm going to see if  I can keep up with this blog editorial calendar all year long.

What type of planner/calendar do you use?
Do you keep an Editorial Calendar?

December 31, 2016


...with new project plans.  Don't you just love visiting Vogue Pattern's website? - I do!  Of all the Big 4 it's classy, and intriguing, and always yields excitement and surprise (IMHO).  There is always something to go ahhhhh about when you click on that site.   I am so very glad that I finally got over the fear of using Vogue Patterns!   For my next project I'll be using this pattern to make a midi length cape for my Mother
using this Taupe Wool and this bright Silky Print as lining.

What will be your first project for 2017???


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