August 14, 2016


...block, sloper whatever it's called, I want one and am determined to create one.  Other than a pant's muslin that I made here, I haven't worked on my TNT pant's pattern since maybe early 2015 or late 2014. Consequently, I find myself needing new pants.  I kept telling myself that I needed to venture into new pants pattern territory - after all, I have so many new ones in my stash.  After spending an enormous amount of time trying to decide just what new pattern to use, I've decided to go back and tweak my TNT, rather than spending time totally reinventing the wheel.  I pulled the pattern out and made a few more adjustments according to newly acquired information before cutting out a pair to work on during the course of the week.

The remnants.  I barely had enough of the fabric for this project.

I'm hoping to get an even better fit this time.  Keeping my fingers crossed, because I am really ready to commit this pattern to tag or something similar.  I want this TNT pattern to finally become my  block/sloper so it can be used to judge and adjust other new pants patterns. 

In the meantime, I'm declaring today as sewing machine cleaning and maintenance day following SheilaCTK's lead.  I have to admit that mine are long overdue for cleaning.   Who's next...

August 13, 2016

August 6, 2016


...which paper do you use in your sewing room
Medical Exam Table paper 21" x 41.67 yards

Swedish Tracing paper 29" x 10 yards
Or do you prefer another type???

July 31, 2016


...Every year I start out with such grandiose sewing plans for summer, but never, ever seem to get around to making everything on my list.  Now that the school year has started (last Friday, July 29th), it seems that summer has whispered bye bye.  But, thankfully the start of the school year does not dictate the end of summer when one lives in Georgia.  Tomorrow is August 1st, and the FALL EQUINOX doesn't officially happen until September 22, 10:21 a.m. EDT.  That means there are 53 more days of:
  • summer temperatures,
  •  surprise summer thunder storms that God sends us to keep us from burning up,
  •  AND SUMMER SEWING if I so choose.
 Isn't it wonderful!  Just enough time to play around with McCall's 6558 some more.
A bit more off shoulder love, revised as a tunic this time.  I used a nice challis fabric (gifted from Ebony), joined the bodice and skirt pattern pieces, eliminated the elastic at waist, and lengthened the skirt.  I love the print and drape of this fabric.
Who knows, another version of this pattern just might show up before summer's end... 

July 30, 2016


...I had wanted a simple striped Tee Shirt Dress for quite some time, so when this pattern was introduced I rushed to purchase it.  McCall's 6886 - every body and their mother has made this super simple Tee Shirt Dress.
Only four pattern pieces, created just for knits, neckline & sleeve variations, and the feature that I like most - no bust darts.  But what should have been the easiest project ever ended up taking me eleven months to complete.

So why did it take me so long? - the stripes!  I usually don't have too much trouble getting stripes to match.  I guess I was in too much of a hurry when I started this project in August 2015 so things just didn't go as planned.  I tried to tell myself that the stripes not matching on the side seams didn't matter, but really I didn't have the heart or want to take the time to undo long serged side seams.  After all as we know RTW stripes quite often don't match either.   This week I asked Carol Ware for a serger removal tutorial and she complied via Periscope with a quick and easy method.

The results, fantastic
 Now on to the the next project...

July 27, 2016


...the pattern companies lavished us with cute, retro looking boxy tops this summer.  One that caught my eye right off the bat was Simplicity 8090.  I made two of view C, one to wear inside and one for outside.

I need more summer pj's so I used a tiny printed cotton fabric that has been in my stash for eons to make a matching pair. For the pj shorts I used McCall's 6848 view E with the ruffled leg.   I used a soft gray and white seersucker to make my outdoor version of the Simplicity top.

Matching summer PJ's anyone????


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