November 21, 2017


...want to know something that excites me to no end? -  People who sew with fervor and passion!  I'm sure you know someone like that - you know the type that you can't even keep up with even though you try with all  your might.  Some of these people hold full-time jobs just like I do; yet they pump out magnificent amounts of QUALITY garments.  A relevantly new sewist of  3 years; I've asked Laquana Vick-Drayton to please slow down and wait for me on more than one occasion.  She is ALL about expanding her craft by learning new techniques.  I haven't seen anything yet that she is afraid.

Why do I sew?
Short answer is, because I love it!  The long answer is, I enjoy the process of creating!  I enjoy making things that make me look and feel good.  I like the growth and I like what it affords me: the ability to make whatever I want, in any color, shade texture or size!  And oh, I like the sewing community and being a part of such a grand movement of home sewers!  So, I started out sewing as a means to an end.  I was super cheap and I needed to get clothes altered.  A friend said "it's easy to add a dart" to a pair of pants; but I realized, it's not easy lol.  I made one dart on the side of my pants because I had no idea about garment construction so I didn't see a problem with one large dart!  In theory, the dart removed the space at my waist, but it also added some horrible bunching on the side.  My friend saw my dart and said, "girl, no, you have to make two darts to even it out".  I'm a researcher, so I started looking at blogs and Youtube tutorials and eventually decided that garment construction would give me the foundation to understand how things fit, why they don't fit and how to fix any issues.  I love how I started out for one reason, and it turned into an obsession, a hobby and a lifestyle for me.
Why do I blog about it?
I started out as a fashion blogger, and I knew that I wanted to document what I made, when I made it and my growth.  I also wanted to inspire the beginner, the plus size sewer to make exactly what they wanted and to see and make it fit their bodies.  So, let's go back, in my early stages of sewing, I actually started out on sewing pattern review before I even thought of blogging again.  Patterns were expensive and I didn't know about pattern sales at the time lol.  I yearned to see how a pattern would look on someone with a similar body to my own and get guidance on how to make it work.  I knew what a blog entailed and with social media and pictures, I wasn't sure if I wanted to be bothered to be honest.  As I got serious about sewing, at that point where I knew this wasn't just another "craft or Hobby" that I would abandon, like scrap booking and crochet lol.  I got serious about who I followed and my resources.  When I started following sewing bloggers, I knew I had something to share and contribute beyond just a review.  I had perspective, style and the need step out of every box "people" have for plus size women.  I wasn't thinking of a business or making money, I just wanted to share and be consistent; something I failed to do the first time around the blogging world.  I wanted to see where this road would lead me, and from past experience, I knew I had to put in the work and stay consistent to be successful.

Her story doesn't stop here! Please take a minute to look in at Made By Laquana to learn more about her sewing/blogging journey...

November 20, 2017


...being "Ever Learning Linda", my eye and ears are always open to new/or refresher sewing tips. My "NOTABLE MENTIONS" posts are for me and for you.  With the magnitude of information that flows through our eyes and ears on a daily basis, it's easy to sometimes push things we learn way back on the back burner or forget things that we learn.  These posts offer a reminder resource that I can always flip back to when ever needed.  I hope that they are of benefit to you as well:

Burda's take on re-positioning bust darts

Oliver + S's  15 Tips to Improve your Sewing.  Every little tip helps us improve our craft!

I am always looking for great information on building a great capsule wardrobe.  I recently ran across this informative post on the subject on Verity Magazine.

Have you ever tuned into "THAT SEWING BLAB" broadcast on  It's all about sewing and people from all over the world who have a passion for it.  Hosts Dawn Pengelly and Myra Rentmeester feature a variety of these people every Tuesday evening at 7:30 p.m.  It's a live show and you get to interact and ask questions of the hosts and guests.  It's sew much fun, and well worth taking the time to explore.

Happy learning!!!

November 19, 2017


...thank you so much for following along with me on this 30 day challenge.  I do so hope that you are enjoying this series! If you'll remember, back in April of this year I revived my Annual Tops That Pop Sewing-A-Long.  I hadn't featured a sewalong since 2013, but had enjoyed hosting them so much in the past that I figured it was high time to give it life once again.  I had many wonderful contributors, and Vanessa Thomas was one of them. But be assured, tops aren't the only things she sews.  Vanessa is a marvelous seamstress so I thought you'd like to hear WHY SHE SEWS & BLOGS ABOUT IT...

Why do I sew?

I sew because I LOVE it!  It is my oasis in the middle of the weighty responsibilities of adulthood, lol!  There is something magical that happens when I enter my "sewing closet" and shut the door behind me--dreams are fulfilled, creative juices flow, and time goes by the wayside.  Above all, when I open the door and come out of that closet, I am peaceful, recharged, and radiant with glee!! Oh the joy of making!

 Why do you blog about it?
At first I wanted a place to keep track of what I've made, since I was mainly sewing for my children.  However, over time, I began to see the amazing community of those who sew!! I was inspired by their garments, and encouraged by their feedback.  As a result, I started creating my own personal goals that have enriched my sewing journey today.

Vanessa has a wonderful blog called  SEW FILLED TO THE BRIM that warrants looking in at.  There you can find out more about WHY SHE SEWS & BLOGS ABOUT IT...