June 28, 2016


...my next summer top was made to enter the Sew Much Talent June Challenge - using a TNT (tried and true pattern.  I used OOP Simplicity 4171 becaue I made it years ago, loved it, and got lots of compliments every time I wore wear it.  Sometimes simple is better, and this pattern is just that - simple. 

FABRIC CHOICE:  As my students say "IDK".  Some pretty paisley print in colors that I loved and was attracted to during the recent Hancock going out of business sales.  Pretty but!, hard to sew - even to serge.

VIEW:  I made View D.

PATTERN ADJUSTMENTS:  Size chosen using information printed on the front pattern piece (as advised by Carol Ware, one of my new sewing muses.  This is new to me (believe it or not).  This gave me a much better fit than using the sizing printed on the back of the pattern envelope.

The only adjustment made was adding 1 1/2" to the length of the pattern.

The only problem I encountered was getting a smooth square shaped neckline, but I did make it work.

Working on whittling this chair down, but I still have another yard of this paisley fabric left...

June 26, 2016


...when I posted my proposed eyelet top project on FaceBook,  my cosmetology teacher muse/friend commented, "Size 8 please no color preference".   After completing my top, posted yesterday, I still have so much of the fabric left I thought I'd grant her request.  Notice she mentioned "Size 8" which is much smaller than me or my dressform - Ms. Faye, so her top looks a bit squeezed on in my pictures. 

8128 caught my attention right off the bat when Simplicity's summer pattern's were first released.  Although simple, I love the retro, boxy, swing, cropped design.  I love retro, and I think my friend loves retro even more than me.  I hope it fits and that she likes it.  I'll try to get it in the mail to hear early this week.   On this top I used the shell fabric for the neck facings and did not interface.  For the armhole facing I actually used the fabric selvelge in the same manner that you would normally use bias tape as facing.  Other than being tight on this dressform, I think the top turned out fine.  

Now I need to make this pattern up for myself, in another fabric choice of course.  Eyelet is still full of holes...

June 25, 2016


...I made an administrative decision to remove the underlining from my eyelet top - New Look 6459 - because what fun is eyelet if you can't see through it?  With my schedule it took me all week to finish this cute boxy top, but now it's done and I can move on to one of the 1,000 other ideas on my mind for the summer.
And yes, eyelet is full of holes.  This top might not make it to work, but I love the cut of the armscye. I will make it again in a solid or a print so I won't have to be concerned with facing show through. This is just the first of several boxy tops that I have planned for the summer...

June 20, 2016


...is that the longer you stay away from it, the more it tends to intimidate you in the slightest of ways.  Indecisiveness about what to make next (because you have toooo many pattern choices), what size to cut,  do I bother making a muslin or not, can keep you stalled for days, even weeks - because sew friends we know that once it's cut, it's cut and there is no turning back.  But fabric is only fabric and we buy it to cut it - right?  Fabric is NOT MEANT TO BE KEPT FOREVER LINDA!

I've had two cuts of this bright, sun shiny yellow outlet in my stash forever.  I can't remember buying it, so it probably came from Ebony.  You remember Ebony, of the Glam Doll.  I just didn't know what I wanted to make with it.  But this summer I have visions of eyelet dancing on my brain, and there are several different colors in stash, but I'll start here.
NewLook 6459
 The top calls for back/front neckline and armhole facings that are interfaced, but because of the nature of eyelet I think I'll underline this one with the closest match I could find of batiste called sheer mist.  Now I'm wondering if my top will miss having the structure of the interfaced facings.  Mmmm, decisions, decisions.  I'll be sure to let you know in the next episode of "The Funny Thing about Fabric and Sewing:....

Thought I'd share a  picture of Ebony since she's done so much to help keep my fabric addiction alive and kicking.
My friend Ebony with son Cory, carrying her soon to be born second son.  We can't wait to meet him later this summer.

June 14, 2016


...it's been a while since The Sewing Gourment made an appearance on the blog, but I was so proud of my accomplishment in making another DollHouse Delight today that I just had to share.  You've heard of the DollHouse - right?, that's where I live.

I've always loved Chicken Parmigiana but was a little timid in trying the recipe.  I love the dish as prepared at the Olive Garden (as well as their Eggplant Parmigiana), but I don't necessarily want to make a trip there to get it every time I want the dish.  It was time for me to step up and give it a try.  Believe it or not, I love manipulating food ingredients as much as I love manipulating fabric and patterns.  Today I Googled many recipes but decided to experiment with this one from Food Network.

CHICKEN PARMIGIANA served at the DollHouse today
I was so very happy with my results!, and it wasn't hard to prepare in a little less than 1 hour.  The hardest part was flattening the chicken breasts with a mallet - I really don't enjoy that part but it is a necessary part of the process.  The recipe even has you make your own marinara sauce and I used fresh basil from my container garden from the back yard.  I served the dish with thin spaghetti and side salad -  and it was delicious!  Surprisingly, it even tastes good cold.  I've never tried it, but some people make this into a sandwich - now that sounds even more wonderful!  Please let me know if you decide to try it, and let me know me know what you think...  

June 11, 2016


...last weekend I decided I'd make my first summer garment.  That's right, my first.  My life had been topsy-turvy since the end of March - so as you could see there was NO Sewing going on here at all.  So, a quick trip to Joann's with my sewing friends resulted in...

a cut of polyester voile following me home begging to become one of summer's hottest trends - the off shoulder top (not that it's new - it has just cycled itself back around again).  The Fabric:  a muted lavender/green/gold floral print that reminded me of  summer vineyards sprinkled with tiny little sparkly sequins that resemble the fresh morning dew.  
How's that for a run on sentence of a fabric description?
I stepped out of the box a little with this one - sparkly little sequins never show up in my closet, and neither do off shoulder tops.  But with so many of them popping up all over the internet sewing arena Sheri, Erica, Candice Melanie, Andrea, Brittany; and then Margo issued her off shouldered challenge - do you dare Linda Faye?, Yes I do!, I just had to have one in some form or fashion.  There are a oodles of pattern choices out there one could choose from, but since I loved what Margo did with McCall's 6558 - and because was already in stash - and so darned cute, it's the one I opted for...

McCall's 6558

Playing around with my Cannon Rebel which I'm finally determined to learn how to use.  Such a learning challenge!  LOVE MY NEW TOP!  Picture shows my house badly in need of a pressure washing bath - mmmm maybe later this summer.

The colors of my new top matched a pair of pants made several summers ago exactly.  Cell phone picture at work is sometimes the best that I can do.

RATING:  Very easy make; beginner friendly.
                  Pattern offers several style variations.

I think this top will get lots of wear this summer, and I will make it again.  It's so nice to finally be sewing again, so now on to the next project. 

I am so very nosey! I'd like all my readers to tell me what's on their sewing agendas this weekend???  Be the first to spill the beans...



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